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Child Custody

Often in a separation or divorce, child disputes emerge. Child custody is one of the most important and  sensitive issues that arise in a divorce. If you are having difficulty deciding a child custody arrangement with the other parent, you will need a lawyer to handle the dispute.

Child Support

Both parents have a financial obligation to support their minor children in cases of separation or divorce. In cases of child custody one parent remains the sole residential custodian, and the non-custodial parent us usually ordered to pay child support, which is most commonly determined by statutory guidelines.

Division of Property

One of the most complex and challenging aspects of divorce is division of property. The question is who gets what and why. What happens if one partner did not work? What if your earnings were significantly smaller? How do you go about dividing retirement accounts? What about high value assets? At McCormick Law offices we will help you to understand the law, analyze your situation, and help you reach the best possible and fair outcome for you.


Divorce is the most common issue arising in the practice of family law. Divorce is an extremely emotional and draining process and sometimes legally complex especially when children are involved or there are significant assets to divide. Divorce is never pleasant, but with the help of an experienced family lawyer, you will find it easier to get through a difficult time.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious crime and a criminal offence. It is important to know that people do not need to be married to the abuser or victim in order for offenses to be considered domestic violence.  Domestic abuse charges can be brought up against live-in partners, parents, siblings, boyfriends or girlfriends or other relatives.  Domestic violence does not just mean physical abuse, but also includes threats of violence and verbal abuse.

Parenting Plan Modifications

Post-judgment modification of parenting plans can be sought for many reasons. Valid reasons include a change in needs or circumstances of either party or because one side is not following through as required. At McCormick Law with have experience in preparing, negotiating, and litigating in court for modification of a variety of orders.

Protection Orders

Abuse comes in different forms. It can be physical, verbal, sexual, and emotional. You do not have to suffer alone, you and your children do not have to be afraid of getting hurt. If you find yourself in the abusive situation McCormick Law offices will do everything possible to help you get protection through the court.

Third Party Custody

Under Washington State family law, a person other than a parent may file an action seeking non-parental custody (third party child custody) or visitation with a child. This can include, grandparents, an aunt or an uncle.

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