Parenting Plan Modifications

Parenting PlansParenting Plans & Modifications & Enforcement Orders of Parenting Plans

Post-judgment modification of parenting plans can be sought for many reasons. Valid reasons include a change in needs or circumstances of either party or because one side is not following through as required. At McCormick Law with have experience in preparing, negotiating, and litigating in court for modification of a variety of orders.

Modification of Orders

If you have encountered a major change in your life that affects you child custody and visitation agreement or your ability to pay child / spousal support you may be able to seek modification of orders.  Major changes in life can be job loss, retirement, birth of a new child. At McCormick Law we will assist you with all modification requests.

Enforcement of Orders

If you have not received child / spousal support payments, you can seek legal help in recovering the funds that are owed to you.  Many options are available for fund recovery including getting payments taken directly from the payer’s paychecks. We know of all the options available, and would be happy to assist you.

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