Protection Orders

Protection OrdersAbuse comes in different forms. It can be physical, verbal, sexual, and emotional. You do not have to suffer alone, you and your children do not have to be afraid of getting hurt. If you find yourself in the abusive situation McCormick Law offices will do everything possible to help you get protection through the court. On your behalf we will request Domestic Violence Order of Protection. The court can order your abuser to stop threatening or hurting you, can disallow abuser to enter your home, can grant you a temporary custody of your children, can order your abuser to leave your home and stay somewhere else, and can grant you possession of essential personal belongings.

If you are not legally married and feel that you are being threatened or harassed or stalked by your partner, Civil Antiharassment Order can protect you and the ones you love. Civil Antiharassment Order can prevent wrongdoer coming within 300 feet of you, your family members, your home and your car. If you would like to know how you can get Civil Antiharassment Order, call McCormick Law. We can help you navigate through the legal process and obtain one.

On the other hand, if someone has sought a restraining order against you, it is important to know and assert your rights. Sometimes, a restraining order can turn innocent act into a crime which can result in jail time. At McCormick Law you will get a thorough case investigation and consultation where all options will be explored.

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