Third Party Custody

Third Party CustodyUnder Washington State family law, a person other than a parent may file an action seeking non-parental custody (third party child custody) or visitation with a child. This can include, grandparents, an aunt or an uncle.

Typically, guardianship is granted when the parent or parents are unable to provide the child with the necessary care. Some examples of these are:

  • child is not provided appropriate medical care
  • child is not sent to school
  • parent(s) is involved in drugs
  • parents(s) is incarcerated

Permanent or temporary guardianship are available depending on the situation. These can further be divided into guardianship of the person and the guardianship of the estate. Guardianship of a person pertains to the right to make decisions about health, school and well being of a child. Guardianship of the estate refers to any assets child may have. At McCormick Law, we are here to see that the child’s best interests are looked after. Call us, and let us help you obtain the most appropriate guardianship in your case.

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